Tuesday, May 15, 2012



an object play
for Erin Courtney

by Megan Murtha


I put my hairs up like a Chinese salad
that way all those little turtle babies know 
how to find me
Can’t imagine much use I’d be to em—
they know howta move already!

This here divider helps.

Keeps em out when I can’t stand em
all mussin’ me up
splotchin’ an stainin’
and I get shined up agin
for more cattywampus

Those turtle babies.

Love em to death but praise be the divider
take that out an the whole thing goes to pieces
Start multiplyin’ an seein’ quadruple
Won’t let me near them without a 
mandarin orange in hand
for the New Year

Try makenem anything but they are
they’ll be all over you too

On New Years come old thoughts
and none of em good for what 
those turtle babies need and what
they need is a good education 

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