Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dixon Place Presents:


a new play
Megan Murtha

Conrad Kluck

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                                                                              Image by K.L. Ginger         

A Whaler and a Saint visit a town where 
children play hopscotch over 
bodies of the missing. 
Will efforts to reconnect this 
scattered town be successful or garbled?

October 12th and 13th @ 7:30pm 

Featuring: Jason Blaine*, Sam Soghor, Andrew MacLarty*
Tatiana Gomberg*, Pearl Rhein*, Paul Ketchum
Aron Canter, Yuki Kawahisa, Julia Sirna-Frest
Cassidy Elms, Megan Emery Gaffney*
Eliza Bent, and Clare Barron* 

Set Design: Siobhan Antonioli and Chris Cancel

Stage Manager/Lighting Design: Haejin Han

Sound Design: K.L. Ginger

Where: Dixon Place, of course! (161 Chrystie St. btwn Rivington and Delancey)

Tickets: $15 in advance and $18 at the door; $12 for students/seniors anytime @

*Actors appearing courtesy of AEA
*This is an Equity approved Showcase